Eventer Supplements Resistance Bands

Calling ALL Equestrians...

👉 Do YOU want to improve your overall strength?

👉 Do YOU want to improve your mobility and range of motion?

👉 Do YOU want to help prevent injuries so you can ride for many years to come?

As you read this, do you find yourself thinking, that all sounds good to me…?

Great, that means you are in the right place! 

One of the most common causes of injury in riders is through muscular imbalance. This is because we are often stronger on one side than another, which makes our positioning and movements on the horse unbalanced too.

So make sure you act now and start improving this with the help of our resistance bands and training routines. 

"A simple yet powerful tool known to help you engage your seat correctly" 

Eventer bands come in pack of three different strengths so you can use the band completely relevant to your workout and ability and work your way up.  

👉 Black = Light (6kg-11kg)

👉 Dark Grey = Medium (11kg-15kg)

👉 Light Grey = Heavy (18kg-22kg)

How do I use the bands?

Watch the video above or follow us on Instagram for some inspiration! @eventersupplements

About the bands

Non slip design 

Size: 15in x 3.2in

Material: Nylon, High Loop, rubber 

Comes With: 

👉Zip bag

👉Drawstring pouch

👉3 different resistance bands


You know the famous saying, “Look after your band and your band will look after you” Wash by hand