Go from feeling sluggish in the saddle, to fulfilled and energised...

Hey! I’m Doug

The founder of Eventer Supplements.

Over 10 years ago I got qualified as a personal trainer as I have always had such a passion in helping people achieve their goals. 

Then in the back end of 2020 my entire focus switched over to the equestrian world. 

I was down the stable watching my partner with her horse and what I saw really shocked me. 

All of those different movements that she was putting her body through, from mucking out, wheeling her wheelbarrow to the muck heap, tacking up and then finally riding.

All of which was putting strain on her wrists, elbows, back, shoulders, knees & ankles. 

Instantly in my simple mind I compared it to a gruelling gym gym workout. Done nearly every single day!


The lightbulb moment…

I knew that I needed to help serve the equestrian industry by helping riders take more care of themselves. 

I am Eventer Supplements and I have one mission. 

This is to help YOU improve your recovery and minimise the potential risk of injury.

Result = Ride for many years to come.

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